Spencer Fluid Power




Spencer Fluid Power, a division of Applied Industrial Technologies, is a distributor of hydraulic components and systems across seven western states, and an Infor Distribution Enterprise user. UniLink already provided EDI connectivity with customers and some vendors, but Spencer still had over 2,300 vendors that continued to submit 5,000 paper invoices in an average month. Originally, Spencer intended to implement a scanning solution, but they determined it would come with significant costs and would take two years to fully implement.


The UniLink Group, together with GRM Information Services, devised a solution where Spencer could receive invoices in their current state (paper via mail, fax, or email attachment).

Because Spencer had already invested in scanners, they decided to keep that process in-house, but now forward PDF images to GRM’s Online Records Center, which extracts the data and creates a flat file with all pertinent invoice data. UniLink then translates the flat file to Spencer’s native Infor EDI file format and transmits it to Spencer.

UniLink and GRM manage the process from beginning to end, leaving Spencer free to focus on other mission-critical tasks.


  • UniLink/GRM were able to set up a system to deliver every inbound invoice from 2,300 vendors to Spencer’s Distribution Enterprise system, all in 45 days.
  • Spencer is now saving approximately $10 per invoice in processing costs.
  • The program is expanding to 3 additional AIT divisions, which will deliver further cost savings and benefits.
  • Spencer now has a completely paperless process, with zero involvement of their own personnel for invoice processing.

For more information, contact Gene Stewart at 678-438-5195, or via email at gstewart@unilinkgroup.com